VT Countdown Clock Tutorial

I needed to create a countdown clock for a recent project and so I thought I would share how I tackled this in the form of a tutorial. I have created this project mostly using expressions to enable the compositions and the elements contained, to be easily created and changed, and to provide for differing durations of the countdown clock by changing nothing more than the comps duration. Read More...

After Effects CC Hair for flowing grass

For a recent DVD I was producing I couldn’t quite find a template that I was happy with and also wanted to create something relevant to the project. Using After Effects I created this fantasy scene from local photos and the After Effects plugin CC Hair to create the grass!

Using Mocha Shapes to mask / replace an object


Mocha shapes can be used to mask objects in a clip. They can also be used to replace objects but the replacement object must be setup correctly, the same size and alignment as the mocha shape. This short tutorial shows two different ways that object replacement can be achieved using Mocha shapes and After Effects. Read More...