Color Assist Works in After Effects


STOP PRESS!!!!! - As of Version 1.5.0, Color Assist does officially work with After effects.
This article was written with 1.0.1 of Color Assist. There are a few conditions to adhear to, but it works, and seems to work beautifully thus allowing all clips in a project to be graded using the same tools / plugins. Read More...

Issue with Technicolor Color Assist Plugin

Color Assist, awesome though it is, appears to have a bug around media management and the Premiere Pro plugin. As with any software (and particularly new software) there are bound to be teething problems. I believe that Color Assist is a valuable tool, especially to the DSLR filmmaker, so this quick video highlights the issue and shows a change in workflow so to avoid frustration later down the line. Read More...

Technicolor Color Assist - Workflow

Having used the Technicolor Cinestyle profile in the Canon 7D, I was very interested in the release of Color Assist by Technicolor as a grading tool. Color Assist is a low cost grading tool that fits easily into an editing workflow and provides real time performance. Although it is a low cost solution ($99) like with any software that offers a trial copy, I downloaded the trial to kick the tyres and see what it can offer, where it would fit in my workflow, and whether it would fit it. Bearing in mind that I have access to Apple Color, Adobe SpeedGrade, Magic Bullet, and of course the built in tools found in FCP and Adobe Premiere. What I have come up with is a list of small enhancements and modifications to workflow that will enable:
  • Basic Workflow
  • Multiple secondaries in Color Assist.
  • Compound looks
  • Organising your saved ‘looks’ on a per project basis
  • Using Color Assist with read only media sources.