MPH Show 2009

Invited back to Earls Court for a second year, courtesy of Reef Paintshop, the prestigious MPH show was an ideal venue to try out the new Canon 7D SLR camera.

A full packed day of filming using only prime lenses, I have managed to capture some truly amazing shots with this camera. It was always going to be a gamble, but I have got to the point where carrying around a large heavy camera (my much loved Canon XL-2) is not fun, particularly when I have to take it everywhere, and the XL-2 image quality is becoming outdated.

So this year, I donned just a small lowepro backpack, filled to the brim with lenses, audio recorder, gun mike, fluffy, and the Canon 7D, with only a small (SLR) video grade tripod to carry as extra. Also, I decided to let ‘the train take the strain’ which allowed me to retrospectively shot log the entire days shoot on the way home.

Filming style is very different with an SLR. Mostly tripod shots, care taken to compose and pinpoint focus the subject and importantly, choose the focal length of the lens. I did find myself having to change lenses frequently, and If I was doing this again, I would have gone around the show with one lens and shot logged the footage, then gone around another 1 or 2 times with different focal length lenses.

Having the ability to have very shallow depth of field is amazing and has really brought an added professional dimension to the footage. Being an SLR, having a single device to carry that also takes stills is a bonus, and the two timelapse sequences have come out remarkably well.

The sound on the 7D sucks, but my trusty Zoom H4 was used to capture the interview pieces. I have played back some of the footage and have been knocked out by the quality of some of the shots. I knew the day would eventually come, but my XL-2’s days are numbered (together with all the accessories). I can’t get rid of it just yet, as I am still using it on another project, but the 7D is pure genius.
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