Me Director ?

This is a first for me. Having read the script and turned up for the initial meeting, with my role already assigned as camera operator, I was asked whether I would like to make a version of the film called “Into The Light”. Having seen the film in my head on the way to the meeting, there was only one answer I would give.

To give a bit of background, BFVS set a challenge to shoot a 2 minute film based on a script by one their members, David Price, primarily as an exercise in lighting. The idea was to try and involve as many members as possible.

Having read the script and started thinking about all the questions I had as camera operator it was inevitable that I built my own mental picture of the film and more importantly what associations I made from the text. I was asked if I would like to make a version of the film and I initially declined. I listened to the other directors tailing through their versions and found myself thinking “that’s not how the film goes”, and realised that I should try and make the film that I could see in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have the whole film worked out, more that I had a few key images and ideas that I felt strongly enough about to make my version of the film.

I have come away with my mind spinning off down countless rabbit holes and thinking of so many things that I will inevitably be responsible for. Still, it should be fun if nothing else and hopefully I will learn a lot from this experience.
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