Bird watch Update 1

It’s been a while since I have looked at this project, but after discovering a tiny treecreeper making a nest in the honeysuckle, I have decided to give it one last push.

Treecreeper coming back to nest with food for young
Treecreeper leaving the nest for another sortie

To be honest, it has been a very daunting task for a number of reasons. The original footage is not the best of quality, there are hundreds of clips (over 10 hours of footage), and an awful lot of shots of birds in the nest. Although it was fascinating to watch this in realtime, it’s proving a bit of a task to select the right clips to tell the story because there are simply too many to choose from (more of a time consuming task). What I am trying to do now is arrange them into different bins depending on timeline of the growth, and then labelling what each clip is in terms of what it depicts and whether it’s a CU WS BCU or master shot.

I have looked through a number of other clips I have taken over the last year as ‘test’ shots with the Canon 7D and found that I had taken some half decent shots at Slimbridge - Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT), which has again inspired me to pull my finger out and finish this project (before starting anything else). I did originally think I would pitch the film at children as when it was filmed, my children and others found it fascinating to sit up in the shed and watch the goings on, but I am more inclined now to just tell the story and put some facts behind it, we’ll see how it develops. For now though, I am continuing to categorise and sort the clips.

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