BlueScreen Shows "Into The Light" at the Cube

Into The Light
Into the light got it’s first public screening at the Bluescreen event hosted in the Cube microplex in Bristol last night. This was the first time I have seen my work projected on a large cinema screen with a decent sound system. Although it was a little nerve racking, the whole experience was amazing. Having the facility to have your own films screened in a cinema is a real bonus, and as nature intended, so to speak.

The whole evening was entraining with a DJ before the main event, then there was a film with which had it’s soundtrack re-scored live, courtesy of the Cube Orchestra. It was also very interesting seeing other locally made films and having the chance to meet other filmmakers. I note that the Cube has a campaign to try and get people to pledge money to buy it, preventing the building being knocked down and redeveloped. Absolutely need to get behind this and prevent it becoming another fallen jewel from the arts crown.