The ISDEC Code is finished!

After much work, the ISDEC code is now finished and will be premiering in Bath in December. My official role in the film was Assistant Camera, but I have also been involved with the special effects shots using After Effects. We have created a street explosion, gunshots, greenscreen composites, and various other subtle fixes and tweeks

In another twist of fete, I have helped out with the sound mixing as the editor had other urgent commitments to attend and this was a baptism of fire as far as interworking between Final Cut ‘Pro’ and Soundtrack ‘Pro’. Having come from a musical / audio mixing background (when I was very much younger and slimmer than I am now), my instinct was to edit the sound with a DAW as I like working with tracks, automation etc etc. Soundtrack appeared to fit the bill as it “seemlessly roundtrips with final cut ‘pro’ ”. Hmmmmm!

Why can Final cut export at a clip level to Soundtrack yet soundtrack can’t export, at a clip level, back to final cut. I wouldn’t mind so much if you could embed a Soundtrack project, but I didn’t want to roll up changes and not easily be able to tweek them again. Reconforming is the stuff of nightmares.

If only I could export as AAF or OMF and import back into Final Cut. Well you can export from FCP to OMF but not AAF, and you can Import OMF & AFF into STP, but you can only export AAF from STP (not OMF) and you can import neither with FCP! Logic Pro can export to FCP but all channels seem to get hard panned to the left and the audio clips are full track exports as opposed to individual clips. STP can export to FCP but again this is in the form of fully mixed tracks / submixes or master. ARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!

Anyway, we got there in the end, albeit with less hair and a sore throat where my Mac took some serious verbal abuse!!
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