Dursley Library Construction

This film started off as an experiment with time-lapse video. Dursley has been, and still is, undergoing a number of major construction projects, one of them being the local library. I took this as a perfect opportunity to video the construction over a number of months.

Every month I would go down on a sunday morning and set the camera up in exactly the same spots and take 30 seconds of footage, so that later, I could blend the clips together. As I was filming I got many comments from passers by, some positive but many negative. The building has been seen as controversial by some!

Apart from the static time-lapse shots, I tried a fixed zoom shot, which I didn’t think would work, but turned out to be one of the best (at the end of this film). During the editing, I learned that there would be an opening day, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to get more shots in order to give the film some context.

Gloucestershire Library service were more than helpful and expressed an interest in the final product. On the day, I had access to the area manager and the head architect responsible for the building, who both were very obliging with their interviews!

The film was shot on my Canon XL-2 and edited on Sony Vegas with all the compositing finished in Combustion. The film was later used by the Library at the NEC to promote the rebranding of Gloucestershire Libraries.
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