Sep 2014

Changing Premiere Pro CS6 Sequence Settings

Something has always bugged me about Premiere Pro CS6. When you create a sequence, there are a bunch of parameters that get fixed and you can’t change, such as field order. If you get so far into a sequence and realise that your sequence settings are wrong, you can create a new sequence, copy all the clips and paste them into the new one. This works fine for relatively simple setups. The issue I have been facing is that I have setup a sequence as ProRes 422 progressive (which matches the footage), done loads of editing in there (a 48 minute drama) and it has multiple audio outs, group tracks, all the tracks are named, keyframes etc etc, but can’t view it through my blackmagic card because my TV only support 50i not 25p. Just because you can’t change this via he guy, doesn’t mean it can’t be changed!