May 2013

Technicolor Color Assist - My colour correction tool of choice

Pasted Graphic

I am one of those people that like to have a tool for any job, so inevitably, I do seem to have quite a bit of software. Some of it sits at the bottom of my toolbox and gets used occasionally whilst other titles are firmly strapped into my tool belt ready to be used at a moments notice. There are some that I like, some that I love, and some I think are awesome and that I can’t do without.

Technicolor Color Assist is the latter and has already become the pencil behind my ear. It doesn’t (at present) have all the features of other colour grading tools that I have access to, yet there is something quietly amazing about this software. It has been designed such that what it does do it does really well, but still there is something else above functionality that makes this software so nice to use. Read More...

HitFilm For Mac - The next cool VFX Package

About 8 years ago (I think), I remember using a couple of products from a small, little known company called FXHome, based in the United Kingdom, for doing special effects and compositing. In fact, I think they were the first tools I used for doing such tasks and at the time they were called Composite Lab and Effects Lab. They were easy to use, fast, and had excellent features for the price. At that time, I was involved in an ambitious zero budget film that utilised a lot of green screen and scenes that had to be fabricated (17th century ships, buildings etc), object removal, tracking etc etc. Read More...