Feb 2015

Virtual World

I have just upgraded my main MacPro 4.1 to an awesome configuration, faster processors, more memory, super charged GPU graphics card, and SSD’s. The only downside of this is that my Snow Leopard installation no longer works. This is an inconvenience because I have a couple of programmes in Snow Leopard that simply are not transferable to modern OS’s. So get with the times I hear people say? Well I sort of agree, but there sometimes just isn’t the functionality that you want, provided, but there are use cases that the IT industry just don’t figure. Such as, in the 80’s I had Cubase running on both Appe IIe and Commodore 64 etc etc, and at that time I was going to be the next best pop musician out there (like all of us!!). Joke in a side, I was very prolific at coming up with ideas, but it’s something that I will one day revisit. The point here is that the ideas are stored in old cubase song formats or even cubase arrangements, which more modern versions of the software don’t support. I don’t want to have to convert them all now, because some will be pointless and it’s time consuming. And anyway, I will no doubt have to do it again as the software moves forward. Read More...